Verizon, 30 Ninjas, Novelab Partner for a 5G-powered AR Adventure Thriller Game
5G-powered AR Adventure Thriller Game

Verizon, 30 Ninjas, Novelab Partner for a 5G-powered AR Adventure Thriller Game

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The leading communication technology company, Verizon, is partnering with Doug Liman’s 30 Ninjas and the French immersive studio Novelab to develop an augmented reality adventure thriller game powered by 5G.

The companies had made the announcement at the SXSW Conference earlier this week. The game, titled Helios, will take full advantage of the capabilities of the 5G Ultra Wideband.

It is a narrative mobile AR adventure using volumetric video or 3D holograms to deliver an innovative mobile entertainment experience. The game uncovers the story of a missing sister, a coverup, a hacktivist who double-crosses the wrong bad guy, and a young woman named Petra Barnes. The players must uncover the mystery by piecing clues together to gain information and navigate through the story.

“I started 30 Ninjas with Julina Tatlock and Jed Weintrob for precisely this type of project and partnership with Verizon,” said Doug Liman, co-founder at 30 Ninjas.

“We’re drawing on everything we know about making great entertainment and applying it to an entirely new medium. One with that you carry with you everywhere. Given the chance to build new worlds on the most powerful phones, untethered from home internet: The Mobile Metaverse has limitless potential.”

5G technology offers incredible potential for the metaverse. Particularly with Helios, it can enable players to move around the game as an augmented version of their personal physical space in real-time to ‘hack glitches’ within the area. As the players progress, they discover several new clues that make the mystery even more interesting.

Helios aims to bring high-octane cinematic video content combined with AR-powered puzzle-solving and game mechanics. The lifelike 3D AR characters take in-game interactions to another level. The low latency and high capacity of Verizon’s 5G Ultra Wideband network allow for seamless interactivity, fast download speeds, and high-quality visuals.

Helios will launch for 5G-capable Android and iOS smartphones this fall.

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