Nextech AR Onboards Several Asian E-commerce Aggregators for Its AR Solutions
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Nextech AR Onboards Several Asian E-commerce Aggregators for Its AR Solutions

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The leading provider of augmented reality experience technologies and services, Nextech AR Solutions, has onboarded multiple e-commerce aggregators as customers for its AR-powered e-commerce solution

The thirteen e-commerce aggregators currently using Nextech’s combine to represent roughly 400,000 e-commerce sites. They will now act as’s referral partners in Asia to help the company expand its e-commerce aggregator customer base in the region.

The company has already signed multiple e-commerce aggregators in Southeast Asia, such as Shopline, Sirclo, Visolab, and Innolab.

With the acquisition of in June 2021, Nextech AR got its hands on groundbreaking patent-pending technology that uses artificial intelligence to augment the quality 3D models created from simple 2D photos at scale for e-commerce applications.

The company expects the growing referral partners to significantly add to its revenue from the existing and upcoming North American customers in the future. The referral agreements include creating 3D models, hosting the models, and supplying the AR for the e-commerce shopping experience in Asia.

Evan Gappelberg, CEO of Nextech AR, said, “These partnerships in Asia are setting us up for what we are seeing as the rapid global adoption of 3D models and AR in e-commerce and the metaverse.”

“We are seeing growing demand for our 3D model creation capabilities, and we are driving very hard toward a self-service platform, which when launched we believe will create additional demand, especially in e-commerce,” he added.

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