NASA collaborates with National Geographic for new Mars AR experience
Mars AR experience

NASA collaborates with National Geographic for new Mars AR experience

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NASA’s Perseverance rover which landed on Mars last week would let users view Perseverance from the comfort of their home.

Users can join Perseverance from the comfort of their own home thanks to a new augmented reality experience.

The partnership between NASA and National Geographic offers an immersive AR experience with a panoramic view of Mars from the Perseverance rover’s perspective.

Instagram users and other social media platforms can view through the Perseverance’s eyes, examining and searching for signs of life while also working its extremities.

“We have been collaborating closely with NASA on the filter itself since November, and it is exciting for all of us to see this finally go live. We hope it will both entertain and enlighten users as to what the rover sees on Mars and demonstrate the incredibly important job it has.” – Josh Raab, Director of Instagram for National Geographic.

NASA launched Perseverancein in July 2020. After landing on Mars, Perseverance took videos and photos of Mar’s environment and providing NASA a better sight of Mar’s surface. The rover is also collecting soil and rock samples to be brought back for further research.

“When building the Mars AR, we wanted to leverage NASA’s incredible scientific expertise and National Geographic’s storytelling to let people feel like they made the journey to Mars with Perseverance.” – Kaitlyn Mullin, Senior Immersive Producer for National Geographic.

The team stated they were able to design this experience by consulting engineers and scientists, including Christina Diaz, Jim Bell, and Roger Weins, who designed the robot.

“For the first time, we get to experience what it’s like to be a rover exploring an uncharted world. With this new Instagram AR experience coupled with our recent EDL video and Mars audio data, not only can we see and listen to what it’s like to be on Mars, but we can feel what it’s like to be explorers ourselves!” – Christina Hernandez, payload systems engineer, Perseverance Mars Rover (NASA).

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