Gin Bottles with Immersive AR Labels Launched by McQueen Gin
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Gin Bottles with Immersive AR Labels Launched by McQueen Gin

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McQueen Gin, a Scottish gin producer, has launched the ‘World’s Coolest Labels’ which ‘come to life’ via augmented reality to deliver an immersive gin experience to its customers. The Callander based company has become the first of its kind in the UK to employ AR technology through its six core range bottles.

Customers can reveal the secrets of McQueen Gin with a unique full-length animation by scanning the label via the dedicated McQueen Gin app. The platform gives them some exciting insights into the flavor of their drink.

The company aims to showcase experiences such as their black cherry and vanilla gin pool, the spirit of Ben Ledi which is the mountain that overlooks the distillery, or follow the antics of the maverick lemon cartoon character through this platform.

The initiative is McQueen’s commitment to the idea of doing things differently. The company has invested £20,000 into the development of the technology which took about six months from the start to finish.

Dale McQueen, MD of McQueen Gin, said, “At its core, one of the fascinating sociable aspects of society can be found when we share a drink with our friends, either in the pub or in our homes.”

“Not only are we the first Scottish Gin company to integrate augmented reality, we believe that we are the first gin company in the whole of the UK to fully integrate augmented reality into our label design with our own dedicated app, showcasing how McQueen continues to lead the industry in innovation,” he added.

McQueen Gin was founded back in 2015 by Dale and Vicky McQueen in an effort to create an adventurous gin-drinking experience that no brand offered at the time and introduce novel flavors into the market.

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