Dubai Firm Buys World’s First Augmented Reality NFT Mural for $56,000
World's First Augmented Reality NFT Mural

Dubai Firm Buys World’s First Augmented Reality NFT Mural for $56,000

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Dubai-based ColossalBit Management Consultancies won the bid for the NFT image of the world’s first augmented reality NFT mural for $56,000 to create history.

The cryptocurrency, blockchain, and NFT consulting firm won the auction organized by NFT BAZL, a gallery working to bring art and disruptive technology together using DeFi and NFTs.

Called the Future NFT Dubai Voice Note Art, the mural was created by artist Amrita Sethi and is now live at the Dubai International Financial Centre (DIFC).

The auction is a testament to the rapidly growing global NFT, or non-fungible tokens, art ecosystem, which has surged to wide popularity in Dubai. Moreover, the Dubai government has tremendously supported immersive technologies and formed the Global Blockchain Council.

“Dubai is a city of the future, defined by its ability to constantly innovate. And I believe NFTs and Blockchain will be at the center of innovations in the future”, said Christian Chalfoun, CTO at ColossalBit. “As a trusted consultant and advisor to both NFT artists, as well as investors in Blockchain and NFTs, ColossalBit is thrilled to have placed the winning bid on this first-of-its-kind artwork.”

“This is a historically significant and pivotal moment for the NFT industry, in the UAE and globally,” added Ciro Arianna, CEO at ColossalBit. “Dubai is unique in the world, in terms of Blockchain and NFTs getting energetic institutional and administrative support; and being home to both a growing number of creators and entrepreneurs exploring these emerging spaces, as well as an investor community that realizes the huge potential.”

Previously sold famous NFTs, including a digital artwork from Beeple sold for $69 million and Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey’s first-ever tweet for over $3m.

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