Dream Glass Unveils Ground-breaking AR Glasses for Gaming
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Dream Glass Unveils Ground-breaking AR Glasses for Gaming

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Augmented reality innovator Dream Glass unveiled the Dream Glass Flow, ground-breaking AR glasses for gaming that work with all handhelds, cloud gaming platforms, and remote play.

Dream Glass Flow, which features a 120” augmented reality screen and a superfast Wi-Fi 6 connection, functions seamlessly in all settings and offers the ideal gaming solution.

These are also the first AR glasses to incorporate Wi-Fi 6 technology. For the smoothest gaming experience, the device effectively utilizes network capacity and eliminates latency. Dream Glass Flow, weighing only 2 oz, offers the most pleasant and portable gaming experience possible.

Since its founding in 2016, Dream Glass has been working on cutting-edge augmented reality technologies that could transform how people interact with the digital world. With more than 15,000 AR headsets shipped globally, Dream Glass Flow is poised to be the company’s biggest success. The ideal portable gaming experience is what it aims to create.

To relieve users from the constrained views of consoles and handhelds and enable immersive gaming, Dream Glass Flow enlarged the visuals to a 120” AR screen. Then, Wi-Fi 6 was enabled, which is a crucial network feature for gaming. The Flow’s ultra-lightweight design and sunglass shape allow daily wear in public for users.

Dream Glass Flow is also available for Xbox and PlayStation remote console gaming. It enables players to leave the console at home and play their preferred games while on the go using a Wi-Fi 6 or 5G hotspot connection to their home console.

To provide the most immersive gaming experience while maintaining privacy, it projects a 120” virtual screen for handheld enthusiasts. Additionally, GeForce Now, Parsec, Shadow, and other platforms are supported by Dream Glass Flow for cloud gaming.

With Flow, users can play games or watch streaming content for long hours in any comfortable position. Dream Glass Flow is myopia-friendly, allowing users to adapt the glasses to the myopia level they desire quickly.

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