AR Pride Tour 2021 To Help Manifest Why Pride Celebrations Came To Be
AR Pride Tour 2021

AR Pride Tour 2021 To Help Manifest Why Pride Celebrations Came To Be

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LGBTQ2S+ community has established the norm of breaking new ground consistently. From historic gains for equality to lifestyle and fashion choices, the community has been a frontrunner in ensuring society’s progress.

As the rest of the world has been flowing on the wave of virtual event trends, Edmonton’s Pride celebrations have raised their standard by turning to augmented reality.

The Augmented Reality Pride Tour 2021 is presented by the Fruit Loop Society of Alberta, a non-profit established in 2013 to raise awareness of and funds for the LGBTQ2S+ community and supporting organizations. It is absolutely free of charge, goes live tomorrow, and can be experienced by anyone at any hour through the summer.

“This is something that we really want to work towards. Pride isn’t just about one week or about one weekend, or about one parade. It’s about an entire year of solidarity, of celebration and fighting for better inclusion and progress in the LGBTQ2S+ community,” said Joshua Wolchansky, Fruit Loop’s entertainment director.

The augmented reality tour would more effectively help manifest why Pride celebrations came to be than the usual loud and proud celebrations that mark the month of June. Pride was first celebrated in Edmonton in 1980 and aimed to educate others and bring awareness for creating an inclusive and supportive space for LGBTQ2S+ individuals and organizations in society.

The alien-like Teen Jesus Barbie will lead the AR Pride Tour to deliver a show of the Pride’s past, present, and future while incorporating the elements of colorful celebrations with music, dancing, and a proper drag race.

“Teen Jesus Barbie is an icon of the Edmonton drag community and was the original entertainment director of Fruit Loop. We are proud to be able to bring her back for the Fruit Loop augmented reality tour and thank her for all of her contributions up until this point”, Wolchansky says of his predecessor, also known as Joshua Carter.

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