Anima Partners with the Modern Artist Demsky for an Immersive AR NFT Project
Immersive AR NFT Project

Anima Partners with the Modern Artist Demsky for an Immersive AR NFT Project

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The Coinbase-backed metaverse company Anima has partnered with the modern artist Demsky to launch an AR platform with their largest NFT project called ‘Mirror.’ The company describes it as a ‘digital sculpture’ and a gateway to the metaverse.’

Demsky is a self-taught artist who has gained numerous experiences traveling around 50 countries which reflect in his art. As per his website, he feels ‘obsessed with twisting the morphology of his name in multiple, unconventional shapes.’ He has been working to create a ‘balanced mix between future and nostalgia, radical creativity and exact sciences.’

Mirror is a project that allows him to present his ‘otherworldly physical works’ as augmented reality NFTs that can help people across the world interact with his art.

The project offers 8,888 one-of-a-kind AR NFTs released along with a ‘mysterious set of coordinates’ worldwide. The immersive sculptures can change their look, sound, and tokenized metadata when placed at those specific coordinates.

Mirror aims to enhance the AR experiences by amalgamating them with real-world actions. Anima stated that the company is working to create ‘truly interactive augmented reality experiences,’ the owners of which ‘will join a community of explorers, transcending physical and digital boundaries in a blended reality that exists only in the camera metaverse.’

The NFTs can be bought through Anima’s new web marketplace for $200 each through crypto and fiat payment options. Collectors can reserve up to 15 NFTs at once. The platform will randomly select users to finish their purchase within a month.

The company also has many other exciting AR projects with many creators, such as an iconic fashion designer, a former NASA astronaut, a Grammy-nominated composer, a world-famous cryptographer, and artists like Matthew Day Jackson and Michael Kagan.

The metaverse startup has raised $3 million in funding from several new investors, including Not Boring Capital, Hashkey, Harizury, Magic Ventures, NGC Ventures, and existing investors like Coinbase Ventures, Flaming DAO, and Divergence Ventures.

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