Mission to Mars AR app lets space enthusiasts explore Mars from their home
Mission to Mars AR App

Mission to Mars AR app lets space enthusiasts explore Mars from their home

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Though space tourism isn’t ready yet, enthusiasts, however, can explore other worlds because of a new AR app.

The Mission to Mars AR app is expected to be launched shortly, as the rover is also expected to land on Mars. The AR app will be made available to the public for free.

The AR app was developed by Immersion, a Warsaw-based studio that developed the app alongside the Smithsonian Channel. Though the app is for educational purposes, it is loaded features making learning about Mars fun.

“Being able to see the rover to scale, walk around and interact with it, users can feel as if this is actually in their living room or whatever space they’re in and feeling as if they can also come back to it and you know, dig in deeper to see if they might have missed something. And I think that’s the thing that’s going to be very exciting for our users who might have a general interest in space exploration. But something like this, I think, it really can help drive that fascination and guide users to want to learn more.” – Ray Soto, Director of emerging tech, USA Today Networks.

Charles Poe, who is Smithsonian Channel’s SVP for global production and emerging technology, mentioned that the developers’ team is expecting the application will both engage enthusiastic space fans and encourage others to find their passions for space exploration.

“We want to reach beyond just the space enthusiasts who are following every single aspect of the mission. We want to make sure everybody appreciates both the technical challenge, the extraordinary achievements that are part of this mission. And I do think that augmented reality lets you appreciate that in a completely different way.” – Charles Poe.

With the Mission to Mars AR app, users can learn about Mars by examining rocks, working their way through the sand, and view the aliens.

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