Apple Clips 3.1 adds new augmented reality video effects
Apple Clips 3.1

Apple Clips 3.1 adds new augmented reality video effects

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Apple Clips 3.1, the newest version of the free video-creation application, has added AR effects that map themselves to a room with people in it. The focus is on creating unique videos which users can share on social media channels.

Apple has also vowed to start doing monthly content releases with new stickers, filters, etc.

Apple Clips was designed to help users connect video clips, music, and photos into fun videos on an iPad or iPhone without having to buy the app.

The latest effect in Clips 3.1 is named AR Spaces, which uses the 3D lidar scanner built into Apple devices. Users can scan the room to enable AR effects like floating objects, whole scenes, and colorful lighting. These appear on floors, furniture, and walls.

The software identifies people in the video and projects the Augmented reality Spaces effects in front and behind them, making it look as if the augmented reality objects are all around.

“Clips has become one of the most popular iOS video creation apps, and millions of projects are made every day with it. Users love how easy it is to create fun, expressive videos for sharing with friends, family, and classmates with just a few taps on their iPhone or iPad screens.” – said Susan Prescott, VP of Apps Product Marketing, Apple.

On Monday, Apple promised to start adding to Clips’ library of filters, Live Titles, text, stickers, and posters related to seasonal events and even cultural trends. These will debut each month.

Apple Clips 3.1 is available for free to download in the App Store. The development of AR Spaces is seemingly a demonstration of Apple’s commitment to AR.

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