VisionThree Announces $80M Initiative to Build a VR-powered Solution for the Workforce
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VisionThree Announces $80M Initiative to Build a VR-powered Solution for the Workforce

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The interactive creative agency specializing in immersive tech, VisionThree, has created a virtual reality-powered solution for the next generation of the workforce. V3CONNECT, an $80M initiative, aims to bring VR Career Labs to every high school, community college, and university in Indiana by 2025 before moving across for national expansion.

A sleek, modern, virtual environment will host exceptional content created by corporate partners and industry organizations for multi-generational learners to help them harness the power of immersion. Such methodology will leave a lasting impression on learners about the several traditional and non-traditional talent pathways they can undertake.

“You can’t be what you can’t see – so many learners are never exposed to the opportunities available even in their own communities. V3CONNECT closes that gap, directly connecting the next workforce generation to relevant, engaging, and career-focused experiences,” said VisionThree CRO, Heather Jackson.

Numerous education, corporate, and community partners have come onboard to support the initiative. These organizations include Ivy Tech Community College (Ivy Tech), InnoPower, PivotCX, Field of Talent, and the Indiana Economic Development Corporation.

For instance, Ivy Tech is committed to working with VisionThree to bring the program to life, as remarked by Caroline Dowd-Higgins, VP of Career Coaching and Employer Connections. The college aims to empower students with modern career development tools to help them explore high-demand, high-earning careers.

A top priority for the V3CONNECT program is to ensure equal access for all communities. The platform is helping organizations and communities to scale exposure in ways the status quo cannot by eliminating barriers and providing equal opportunity through immersive tech.

Development for the Phase 1 fall launch of V3CONNECT is in full swing. The company has deployed a Human-Centered design approach. It is working in collaboration with researchers from Herron School of Art + Design and Vanderbilt University to power peer-reviewed studies and facilitate a continued iterative process to deliver real, measurable results.

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