Valero donates $25,000 To Taylor Educational Enrichment Foundation

Valero donates $25,000 To Taylor Educational Enrichment Foundation

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Valero Energy Corporation donated $25,000 to TEE (Taylor Educational Enrichment) Foundation to award grants for innovative and creative projects in Taylor ISD classrooms. The grant will support different projects for students. Around $10,000 will be used at Naomi Pasemann Elementary School to buy a Google Expeditions virtual reality Classroom Kit. The grant is for allowing students to traverse interesting places without having to leave their classrooms.

“Our grant is for virtual reality goggles where students can explore places they might not ever have the opportunity to see. We will use these goggles for virtual field trips, descriptive writing, and social studies lessons.” – Renee Duckworth, former Pasemann principal.

Taylor High School’s Engineering classes will use $2,500 to buy Legos for studying structural-architectural characteristics and strength. They will also obtain resistors, breadboard non-solder circuit boards, and capacitors.

“This grant is very meaningful for my students because they really need and want the kind of hands-on opportunities these items will afford. It will fuel the natural curiosity and desire to do something meaningful that they all have.” – Amy Heffernan, a Teacher at THS engineering.

Valero’s other programs include Kami Extension for Google Chrome, two interactive whiteboards to encourage science programs for fourth and fifth-grade students at Main Street Intermediate School, and Ladybug document cameras for Taylor Middle School. TEE Foundation Executive Director Moppy Miller said the technology-focused projects funded by the Valero donation will help support the district’s mission of preparing every student to compete in a global society through a premium educational experience and strong partnerships.

“Technology is the way of the future. It’s increasingly important for both in-person and remote instruction. We just can’t thank Valero enough for their continued support for local classrooms.” – Moppy Miller, Executive Director, TEE Foundation.

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