Sportsability Alliance and Covalent Join Forces to Launch a VR Program for Kids with Disabilities
VR Program for Kids with Disabilities

Sportsability Alliance and Covalent Join Forces to Launch a VR Program for Kids with Disabilities

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Sportsability Alliance is launching a novel virtual reality program for kids with disabilities through a partnership with Covalent.

Sportsability Alliance aids people of all abilities to experience recreational activities and will shortly be launching a new virtual Sportsability Park.

“Now, more than ever, VR can be used to make distance irrelevant,” stated Covalent founder Thomas Jackson. “In our park, users from all of the world and all walks of life can connect simultaneously and engage with one another.

Sportsability Park aims to make the first step in terms of trying new things easier for everyone. Being in a virtual environment, begging VR glasses will help people develop the confidence to cope with the challenges in real life.

“People will not only have fun and learn about recreation opportunities and adaptive recreation opportunities but then it will motivate them to go participate in the actual opportunity,” said Laurie Gussack, Executive Director of Sportsability Alliance.

Gussack exclaimed that the program opens up numerous doors of opportunities to engage with those with disabilities, which probably isn’t possible with the tools around in the real world.

“During the pandemic, people are stressed, they’re home, and this is a release. It’s a way to meet up with different people, from familiar sports like hiking or basketball to new adventures,” added Gussack.

Sportsability is the onset of a whole lot of new experiences.

“It makes sports accessible for all types of people no matter what your disability is,” said Co-owner of Future Pathways, Amanda Lewis.

She said the park is just the beginning of how this technology can help clients build a better future.

“Job training, independent living skills training. What if we could use that as a new training tool before going out into the real world and doing things?” added Lewis.

Moreover, you do not necessarily need a VR headset to access the Sportsability Park. It does offer a more immersive experience if you have the right gadgets, but you can still interact in the park online for free.

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