Carzso Partners with View360Degrees to Bring VR Tech to the Auto Industry
VR Tech for the Auto Industry

Carzso Partners with View360Degrees to Bring VR Tech to the Auto Industry

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The virtual pre-owned cars showroom Carzso is partnering with View360Degrees to bring VR-powered technology solutions to the auto industry.

As a part of the partnership, View360Degrees founder and CEO Deven Verma will join Carzso as the ‘Innovation Head’ to enable the startup to upscale its existing virtual showroom setup. Carzso aims to enhance the customer buying experience further using VR tech.

The coronavirus pandemic has curbed physical visits to automobile showrooms, prompting the automakers to accelerate their digital offerings to facilitate sales. Carzso plans to capitalize on this trend by bringing state-of-the-art virtual reality and 3D solutions to its customers.

“VR technology has come a long way in recent years, from tricking the human eye into seeing in 3D to taking customers into a virtual world, the technology is expected to be the next big thing on the internet/online industry”, said Vaibhav Sharma, Founder, and CEO of Carzso.

“This alliance will be a key step in driving our vision and reaching out to service the customers to take a virtual tour of cars with the convenience of transacting online and offline,” he added.

View360Degrees’ Verma said, “In a conventional setup, there’s a limit to how far the customer is willing to travel to view, shortlist and buy a used car; while the use of VR will make it easier for the customer to view more products in the same amount of time, that too from the comfort of his home/office.”

“We will aggressively work on building tech that can support Indian customers to view cars virtually irrespective of the location of the car,” he added.

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