Qatar Airways Introduces ‘QVerse’ Virtual Reality Experience with a MetaHuman Cabin Crew
QVerse Virtual Reality Experience

Qatar Airways Introduces ‘QVerse’ Virtual Reality Experience with a MetaHuman Cabin Crew

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One of the leading global airlines, Qatar Airways, gets on the metaverse bandwagon with the launch of the QVerse, a novel virtual reality experience hosted on the airline’s website.

The virtual reality tour takes the visitors and passengers through the Premium Check-in area at Hamad International Airport (HIA). They can further check out the cabin interior of the airline’s aircraft, including the award-winning Business Class – Qsuite, and the Economy Class cabin.

Moreover, with the initiative, the national carrier of the State of Qatar became the first global airline to introduce a MetaHuman cabin crew, called ‘Sama,’ who facilitates a digital interactive experience mimicking the exceptional customer experience the airline offers onboard a flight.

“With physical boundaries beginning to be challenged by the metaverse on an increasingly larger scale, it is exciting to embrace a technology that enables all travel enthusiasts to enjoy a unique immersive experience of our award-winning products and services,” said Akbar Al Baker, Qatar Airways Group Chief Executive.

The project highlights the airline’s commitment to consistently augmenting and innovating the customer experience it delivers. With investments in novel technologies, the company aims to maximize passenger comfort and enhance the quality of their travels with the airline.

The new virtual reality experience is powered by Epic Games’ Unreal Engine, the world’s most advanced real-time 3D creation tool, and MetaHuman Creator, a cloud-based app that enables the creation of high-fidelity digital humans.

The digitally-created high-fidelity 3D human model for the experience, ‘Sama,’ is Arabic for ‘sky.’ The model is designed to deliver an interactive customer experience by facilitating engagement and taking the visitors and virtual passengers on a journey of discovery while highlighting the unique features in both the Business and Economy Class cabins offered by the airline.

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