Northern Regional Police using innovative 3D VR training system
3D VR training system

Northern Regional Police using innovative 3D VR training system

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Northern York County Regional police department has agreed to lease a 3D VR training system that police officers have said feels just like real life. They tested the Wrap Reality system.

“You truly believe you’re there. Your mind believes it. Your heart rate goes up.” – Chief Dave Lash.

The County Police have contracted to use the VR training simulator system for 5 years at a total cost of $125,000.

“Our community partners have paid over 90% of the cost. I think it shows that Northern Regional Police has great community support and is well respected in our community. They recognized the value and importance of this project and got behind officers to provide them with state-of-the-art training.” – Chief Dave Lash.

The department has bought around 20 devices from Wrap Technologies for $1,000 each. They purchased the BolaWrap devices after a 3 month trial period.

“All of our patrol officers when they are out on the street are equipped with BolaWrap. We’re leveraging technology to take people into custody with the least amount of force possible.” – Chief Dave Lash.

BolaWrap is remote restraint equipment that shoots an 8-foot Kevlar tether at 513 feet per second, rapping legs or arms.

The department’s fully immersion VR training system allows police officers to look all around them, and their senses say they are actually in the room.

The program reacts to their actions and adjusts scenarios based on individual actions. The 3D training provides more than one officer to engage at a time and plans range from traffic stops on highways to active shooter calls.

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