Nextech AR Virtual Experience Platform to Host the CANHEIT Conference This Year
CANHEIT Conference

Nextech AR Virtual Experience Platform to Host the CANHEIT Conference This Year

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The leading provider of augmented reality, virtual event live streaming experiences, services for 3D ads, eCommerce, and education, Nextech AR Solutions Corp, announced that the Canadian Higher Education Information Technology Conference (CANHEIT) has chosen Nextech AR’s Virtual Experience Platform (VXP) to host this year’s virtual conference.

CANHEIT is the only national conference for IT professionals in higher education in Canada that unites staff, managers, and senior administrators responsible for managing and evolving their campus information and learning systems and digital infrastructure to collaborate and showcase best practices.

This year’s virtual conference will be hosted in collaboration with Concordia University and CUCCIO and includes significant sponsors such as  Amazon, Dell, and D2L.

Nextech will offer attendees access to a virtual exhibitor hall with 30 to 40 chat-enabled exhibitor booths, breakout rooms, and interactive virtual networking spaces through the platform. Attendees can also check out AR portals showcasing different elements of the campus and enabling them to virtually experience a realistic glimpse of what it’s like to attend the university. 

France Bigras, AVP and CIO of Concordia, host for CANHEIT 2021, said, “It’s been a  fantastic experience organizing the first-ever virtual CANHEIT conference with a company like  Nextech. As we continue to adapt to an ever-changing world of virtual learning and interactivity,  it was important for us to select a robust all-in-one solution to host our premier event and provide  attendees and sponsors alike with a truly unique experience.”  

“We’re beyond excited to host CANHEIT’s 2021 virtual conference on our VXP and couldn’t be more thrilled to transform their previous in-person conference into a truly immersive virtual experience,” said Evan Gappelberg, CEO of Nextech AR.

“Our platform’s stand-out AR/VR capabilities coupled with our company’s overarching goal of creating new and exciting ways of bringing global communities together has allowed us to successfully support dozens of major conferences and events that have made the switch to virtual. We look forward to continuing to  bridge the gap between the physical and digital world to encompass the “get out of your seats”  experience for attendees.”

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