MyndVR Joins Forces with TADWA to Expand Operations to Australia, New Zealand and Oceania

MyndVR Joins Forces with TADWA to Expand Operations to Australia, New Zealand and Oceania

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The leading provider of virtual reality (VR) solutions for seniors in the United States, MyndVR, has signed a partnership with the West Australia-based not-for-profit enterprise dedicated to making a positive difference in the lives of people in the region, Technology for Ageing & Disability (TADWA).

This marks MyndVR’s expansion into Australia, New Zealand, and Oceania. As a result of this partnership, occupational therapists and technicians will get to use customized headsets and care tablets along with MyndVR’s expansive content powered by Littlstar which is a leading global content distribution network. This will help them bring about an enormous positive difference in the lives of older people, people with disabilities, and their caregivers.

“We’re incredibly proud to begin our expansion abroad with TADWA, an award-winning and innovative Australian provider of technological solutions,” stated Chris Brickler, Co-founder and CEO of MyndVR. 

“We’re looking forward to a partnership that will help lift spirits and improve quality of life through the use of immersive technology,” he added.

MyndVR has established the outcomes of its technology through extensively working with researchers in the United States for evaluating how virtual reality boosts happiness and reduces social isolation in aging residents at long-term care facilities. The company is thrilled to bring its award-winning technology and content to the ones who need it in Australia, New Zealand, and Oceania.

TADWA, a ‘team of teams’, operates across six different disciplines and provides a huge range of innovative solutions to the challenges faced by thousands of older people and those with disabilities through their enormous network of occupational therapists and technicians work.

TADWA CEO, Steve Pretzel, said, “At TADWA, our focus is on significantly improving the quality of life of our clients, their caregivers, and families through compassion, technological excellence, and innovation.”

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