Emergence of Virtual Learning and Its Scope in the Future
Virtual Learning

Emergence of Virtual Learning and Its Scope in the Future

The global recession and resource scarcity has led to the emergence of virtual reality as a popular solution to several problems. With the world becoming more and more connected through the Internet, virtual learning is transforming into a more convenient alternative for learners of all ages. With rapid advancements in terms of technology, classrooms are bound to revolutionize in the years to come.

Virtual reality is ready to assist primary school classes to facilitate content knowledge and basic curriculum in learning environments outside of the classroom. It encourages us to rethink the future of education. Cyber-learning, tele-learning, and video conferencing are the emerging approaches in the domain, and even though they are similar in application, but widely differ in terms of implementation and structure.

The technologies enable a single student to interact with a virtual world, or multiple students to interact with one another along with their tutors in a plethora of environments. Large-scale events such as performances, workshops, and interactive learning experiences have also come under the purview of the technology.

The contemporary innovations in terms of virtual learning are primarily set on 3D modeling, augmented reality, and artificial intelligence. We can now reconstruct the classroom experience through these technologies to allow the students at a remote location to interact with others in real-time, thereby, opening doors to innumerable opportunities for education. 

Nevertheless, the learning experience is dependent on the technology itself and its access gets disrupted with a technical failure or a poor connection. It requires further innovation and investment for making these educational technologies secure and steady.

However, we must not neglect the quality of the experience since it is the foremost determinant of the effectiveness of any technology that facilitates virtual learning. Including socialization and interaction with others within the experience is as important as fulfilling a students’ learning needs.

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