Digital Hotel “L’Auberge” By FRAMA Is A VR Abode For Self-discovery And Reconnection
Digital Hotel L'Auberge by FRAMA

Digital Hotel “L’Auberge” By FRAMA Is A VR Abode For Self-discovery And Reconnection

A new digital hotel created using virtual reality, called L’Auberge, is set to be unveiled by the Copenhagen-based, multi-disciplinary design brand FRAMA.

FRAMA is known for designing furniture, home goods, living accessories, and even an apothecary range. The brand’s design ideology is centered around clean lines consisting of simple geometries, natural materials, and finding a balance between form and function.

The brand describes L’Auberge as a “place for self-discovery and reconnection.” It is no different in terms of the design principles, but the only distinction is that it doesn’t actually exist. The hotel is surrounded by sand dunes and looks like a natural abode that emerges from the ground. The virtual property also features FRAMA’s latest and greatest pieces that liven up the space.

Every single item that has been put in a room serves some purpose. For example, the clean and smooth designs would help you to clear your mind and relax. As the brand says, “L’Auberge represents a new creative attitude, a need, and a behavior. A place where reality merges with the infinite power of our imagination and architecture blends effortlessly into nature.”

This digital hotel is also an example of how we can make our living spaces work more naturally and comfortably for us. You can head over to FRAMA’s website to find out more about the project.

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