Cyan Planet raises fund to create a Digital Twin of marine world for exploration in VR
How is the Water

Cyan Planet raises fund to create a Digital Twin of marine world for exploration in VR

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Cyan Planet, an immersive media studio joining audiences with marine organizations to support action for marine conservation, has received funding to begin building a digital twin of the ocean. Cyan Planet’s project ‘How is the Water’ has raised more than USD 60,000 from 500+ backers on Kickstarter.

According to Cyan Planet, the ‘How is the Water’ digital twin of the ocean proposes to make the underwater world accessible while digitally preserving marine life. It is a virtual world offering an opportunity to experience the underwater world allowing users to travel the ocean using a VR headset. 

The project focuses on bringing people and the ocean together, combining experiential learning, entertainment, and real-world marine conservation scenarios. The animals found are also digital twins of real marine species, powered by artificial intelligence to recreate genuine behavior.

“My mission is to make the ocean accessible for everybody. We can’t protect the ocean unless we understand it and allow people to connect with it on a deep emotional level.” – Michal Lovecky, CEO and Creative Director, Cyan Planet.

Michal Lovecky intends to develop a virtual ocean world and unite researchers with people to drive action in aid of marine conservation.

“We connect the actions within How is the Water with real-world impact. For example, if you grow your coral garden in-game, there will be a real reef structure deployed for coral restoration.” – Ninja Mueller, Co-Director, Cyan Planet.

Cyan Planet is using immersive tech and VR to help educate and inspire people about marine ecosystems via the ‘How is the Water’ project.

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