Catch a VR-To-Go Experience at the Cuesta College Art Gallery
VR-To-Go Experience

Catch a VR-To-Go Experience at the Cuesta College Art Gallery

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The pandemic has forced the museums and galleries all across the globe to remain shut which has been a huge downside for art enthusiasts. However, now people are emerging with creative ways to provide access to art.

Cuesta College Harold J. Miossi Art Gallery has come up with a new program called VR-To-Go to deliver a cinematic experience to its audiences through a virtual reality headset.

Cangou Liu, the graphic art and motion design professor at Cuesta College, explained that virtual reality is computer-generated content that fully engages the senses. “One of the key things is that it’s truly immersive,” Liu said.

VR movies, filmed using 3D cameras, enable 360-degree views that allow the user to see and hear what’s happening all around. Created using this technology, the Miossi Gallery has packed four films into a virtual reality headset, one amongst which also lets you kayak through the Arctic ice.

Titled ‘-22.7°C’, it is a documentary distributed by Diversion Cinema specifically for VR platforms. In the story, an electronic music producer, Molecule, go on an expedition through Greenland to scout for natural sounds for his music compositions.

“It’s pretty immersive and meditative and most of us, I would assume, have never been to the Arctic, so it’s pretty cool to be able to experience that,” stated Emma Saperstein, the Miossi Gallery coordinator and curator.

The content is designed to be experienced at home in a peaceful environment.

“The content that we’ve licensed is designed to be experienced sitting down, so you’re not walking around a virtual space,” Saperstein stated. “You’re just sitting down on your couch or in a chair.”

The headsets provided by VR-To-Go won’t be compatible with video game consoles or other technology.

“It’s all self-contained,” Saperstein said. “You literally take it home, put the headset on, and you should be good to go.”

Interested users can grab a hold of these headsets at the Cuesta College campus on Mondays or Fridays. Or visit the Harold J. Miossi Art Gallery website for more information about the program.

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