Bobby Dalbec of Boston Red Sox using VR to train for run at Rookie of the Year award
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Bobby Dalbec of Boston Red Sox using VR to train for run at Rookie of the Year award

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A year after breaking into the majors with 6 home runs in the first ten games, Bobby Dalbec next season will become eligible for the American League Rookie of the Year award.

Initially, Bobby Dalbec was very active on Boston’s roster for 29 days, but he has fallen short of the mandatory 45 days required by players to lose their rookie tag since then. Bobby Dalbec had a successful first stint in September and looked all set at becoming Boston’s first Rookie of the Year winner.

“It would be awesome to win it and I believe I could, that I have the ability to. That goes along as the same thing as setting big, lofty number goals. You just have to take it day by day. If I end up being the Rookie that’s qualified and they select me, then that’s awesome. If not, then I’ll get it rolling the next year.” – Bobby Dalbec.

Bobby Dalbec was promoted to the majors soon after the Red Sox traded Mitch Moreland to the Padres. He is aware that by sticking in the majors, he has to bring down the strikeouts, and for that, he plans to focus more on game-planning next season. He is also using virtual reality to start practicing early by acquainting himself with pitchers he is likely to face.

He is one of the latest big-league players to use WIN Reality, which enables players to simulate at-bats against top league pitchers using virtual reality. Dalbec plans to use technology to analyze pitchers from his home in Arizona.

“J.D. even talked to me about it. You’ve got to do your homework; you have got to know what guys do, how they like to get you out. What patterns they’ll fall into. Game-planning is a big thing I need to focus on next year. I haven’t been that great of a game-planner in the minor leagues, but the last week of the season or so, I was J.D.’s apprentice when it came to game-planning. He showed me how he went about it, and I liked that.” – Bobby Dalbec.

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