Bigscreen VR Will Now Let Users Watch Select Movies for Free by Introducing Ads
Bigscreen VR

Bigscreen VR Will Now Let Users Watch Select Movies for Free by Introducing Ads

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To make their platform more affordable, Bigscreen VR will now let users watch a few ad-supported movies-on-demand for free. The app, which used to sell only a premium version, will roll out a new update that will give users access to a free version that will come with ads.

The platform had been working with top entertainment studios such as Funimation and Paramount Pictures to offer paid movie rentals to its users. But now you can watch some amazing titles such as Blair Witch, Arrival, It Follows, Nacho Libre, Clueless, Paranormal Activity 4, and Seabiscuit among many others without any subscription if you don’t mind the occasional ad popping up.

Pluto TV will host all the free movies and will also run ads on the Bigscreen platform. The service is currently being offered only in the US and the company is expected to add new free titles to the app every month.

Nevertheless, the premium version of the app will still give you the added advantage of 3D movies which will not be supported on the free version.

Currently, public rooms host the app’s features such as the TV channels. But soon a Friends System will also be introduced to allow users to host their private rooms.

The company is also working on a technology to enable large groups of users to stream ultra-low latency videos in virtual reality that will be released soon.

You can access the Bigscreen app for free on several virtual reality platforms including HTC Vive, Oculus Quest, Windows Mixed Reality Headsets, and Valve Index.

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