Award-Winning Artist To Launch The 1st Galaxy Of Immersive VR Art
1st Galaxy Of Immersive VR Art

Award-Winning Artist To Launch The 1st Galaxy Of Immersive VR Art

Minneapolis-based artist, Philip Noyed, known for his public art installations, is set to debut his first-ever VR experience, The Neo Art Space. Coming in 2022, this giant, virtual reality art adventure, will allow multiple players to experience the space simultaneously from anywhere in the world. The Neo Art Space is unique from any other VR art experience, in that it is cutting edge contemporary light art that is vast in scale.

The space is filled with over thirty experiences, orchestrated with ethereal music to help you move from everyday 3D experience to a transcendent 5D consciousness. When you enter the Neo Art Space, you emerge through a black hole onto a walkway amidst planets, galaxies and supernovas.

“Social isolation has become an increasing concern since the start of the pandemic,” said Philip Noyed. “The Neo Art Space Virtual Reality experience creates a new way to safely spend time with family and friends, while also offering endless experiences and memories made without leaving the safety of your home.”

The Neo Art Space is designed to be transformative and healing, meditative and joyful. Players will get to explore over 100,000+ square feet and over 10 stories high gaming area- creating their own experience via teleporting through pathways, glowing light caves, planets, radiant forests and beyond.

Most virtual reality art experiences are focused on simply looking at the art in the museum experience. The Neo Art Space changes the way we think about typical art, as users will be fully engulfed in the art space, exploring, interacting and creating all in one space. The array of experiences are as boundless as the universe you are in.

The Neo Art Space will be available in early 2022 for rent, purchase or licensing. NFTs of specific experiences will also be available.

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