Snobal Releases Its VR Collaboration and Presentation App ‘Snobal Sphere’
Snobal Sphere

Snobal Releases Its VR Collaboration and Presentation App ‘Snobal Sphere’

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The tech company developing virtual and augmented reality solutions for enterprise and education, Snobal, has launched ‘Snobal Sphere,’ a remote enterprise VR collaboration and presentation authoring app. The platform enables users to meet, discuss, present, and play in VR. 

Snobal co-founder and CEO Murray James said, “Over the last 18 months, we have seen a huge shift in where and how people work and study. The shift to a distributed workforce, along with the growth of hybrid and remote working, means business leaders are focused on what digital tools they can best use to foster more effective workplace collaboration. Using Snobal Sphere, organizations can enable their employees and customers to meet in VR, import and discuss presentations, videos, and 3D files.”

The company possesses over eight years of experience in building and developing cloud VR/AR solutions. The new VR collaboration and communication app is expected to provide an enterprise-friendly immersive collaboration solution to businesses and educational organizations looking to progress with technologies of the future.

“Online education is assuming greater importance than before, and for educational organizations, students’ needs and expectations have changed,” added James.

“Students are wanting more engaging, personalized learning experiences as part of the blended learning experience, and there is an impetus by education to find more effective ways to deliver their learning so that they can stay ahead. We know VR and AR is and will increasingly be a part of educational organizations digital toolkits.” 

Moreover, the company has laid a strong emphasis on security to provide assurances to the government, education, and enterprise clients for key aspects, such as monitoring the data, managing the users, controlling privacy, hardware applications, and software updates.

The Snobal Sphere remote VR collaboration and presentation authoring app is available for download from the Snobal website and will soon launch on the Pico App Store.

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