GigXR Partners with Northwest Permanente to Develop VR Healthcare Applications
VR Healthcare Applications

GigXR Partners with Northwest Permanente to Develop VR Healthcare Applications

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The Venice-based startup using virtual reality to train people in medical procedures, GigXR, has partnered with and received an investment from Oregon-based healthcare provider Northwest Permanente. The organizations aim to develop a range of mixed-reality healthcare training applications jointly.

Northwest Permanente is the largest medical group in Oregon, with more than 1,300 physicians. The group will collaborate with GigXR to develop medical training simulations, such as life support and cardiac emergency measures like CPR. It will also infuse a certain amount of funding into the startup, which hasn’t been disclosed yet.

A key drawback of using mannequins to train for cardiac emergencies is the lack of realistic reactions and the high cost. GigXR’s gameplay-inspired technology superimposes a 360-degree holographic depiction of a patient within the trainee’s environment to provide them a practical experience of various life-saving techniques.

The startup has already worked on simulations for the Air Force Academy, the University of Pennsylvania, and several other educational and healthcare clients. Its technology products have primarily focused on healthcare, physics, and chemistry.

GigXR has raised more than $6 million to date, currently fundraising for its Series A round. In addition to partnering with Northwest Permanente, it is also joining forces with University of Michigan-operated Michigan Medicine and Cambridge University Hospitals in the UK.

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