ManageXR Raises $4 Million in Seed Funding for Its AR/VR Device Management Platform
ManageXR seed funding

ManageXR Raises $4 Million in Seed Funding for Its AR/VR Device Management Platform

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The platform that helps manage virtual and augmented reality devices at scale, ManageXR, has raised $4 million in seed funding.

The San Francisco-based startup aims to help small, midsize, and enterprise customers expand and manage their AR/VR device fleets at a large scale. Their services include distributing apps and files, customizing home screens, tracking device health and usage, and more.

The Founder and CEO of ManageXR, Luke Wilson, remarked on how he had come up with the idea for the platform while working with children’s hospitals.

“We started in healthcare, and I was working with doctors at Stanford Children’s Hospital,” he said. “We were using VR to reduce pain and anxiety in pediatric patients.”

He explained how keeping the devices up-to-date became a challenging endeavor with the growth of the program. “We were constantly creating new applications and new experiences, and we wanted to make sure that the hardware had all the latest updates, but we couldn’t be asking doctors and nurses to update their own hardware, so we basically had to do the job for them,” Wilson said.

Beginning as a local one hospital operation, the scope of the initiative expanded to over 1,000 devices for more than 200 children’s hospitals. Wilson and his team developed a set of internal tools and “jury-rigged” what was needed to make the deployment successful. The entire process taught them incredible lessons for scaling a VR operation. As a result, ManageXR emerged out of a need to deal with the pains and challenges of deploying immersive tech at scale.

“It became very clear to us that if VR is going to change the world and is going to impact people the way we believe it will, there needs to be this infrastructure that can support these types of deployments,” he added.

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