Createra Raises $10 Million to Boost Gen Z-Focused Gaming Metaverse
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Createra Raises $10 Million to Boost Gen Z-Focused Gaming Metaverse

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The creator-focused metaverse project, Createra, has announced receiving $10 million in Series A funding from Andreessen Horowitz (a16z) to support its ongoing efforts to develop the biggest Gen Z-focused metaverse platform.

“Createra’s powerful cloud-based web engine makes it incredibly easy to develop multiplayer games with web3 features,” said Connie Chan, General Partner at a16z.

With features like cross-play and immediate accessibility, Createra provides users with crypto-native elite autonomous worlds. Because of these benefits, the metaverse’s best gaming experiences are guaranteed for both users and creators, who will have the means to adopt emerging market trends. 

With the help of user-generated content (UGC), Createra enables creators to produce, share, and MetaFi games. With an unlimited player capacity, multi-creator options, and cross-play from anywhere, creating on Createra is more enjoyable and effective.

On the platform, everything constructed on Land is also tradable and includes models, video games, APIs, and more. In the Createra metaverse, to possess Land is to bear a creator’s stamp. Additionally, it indicates that users distribute their metaverse NFT assets through the Createra market integrated into the system for creating new metaverses.

Any creation can be profitable, blurring the distinction between creators and consumers and fostering an environment in which anything is conceivable. On the continent of Asia alone, Createra has amassed a community of 1.3 million average monthly users, half a million builders, and nearly 15 million worldwide Gen Z users.

In addition to being one of the most active developers in the metaverse, Createra wants to be at the forefront of technological advancements for builders. As a result, the platform, made of various sub-universe spaces and experiences, lets users explore multiple human societies.

Createra aims to be the first platform where anyone can design and construct a metaverse where they can work together and play as the funding round ends. The platform continues to draw some of the most talented builders into its world.

The gaming industry is at a turning point as it adopts blockchain-based development and utility models. Over the past year, billions of dollars have been invested in the GameFi and MetaFi projects, which hold great promise for the future of online interactions.

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