Campbell’s Chunky Launches The Chunky FuelUp Tournament in the Metaverse with Fortnite Creative

Campbell’s Chunky Launches The Chunky FuelUp Tournament in the Metaverse with Fortnite Creative

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The Chunky FuelUp Tournament, an interactive virtual experience featuring Fortnite Creative, is being introduced by the “Official Soup Sponsor of the NFL,” taking soup into the metaverse. Chunky is fusing the game’s brand with native Fortnite gameplay that is football-themed just in time for the NFL playoffs. 

The Chunky FuelUp Tournament includes three distinctive challenges to test participants’ quickness, agility, and accuracy, including:

Spicy Soup Sprint requires players to complete the course quickly by flying through branded cans and sliding down a massive spoon.

Players can participate in an agility-based training course called the Protein Power Course, juking past blitzing dummies and other football-themed obstacles as they run for the end zone.

Hearty Hail Mary features three progressively more challenging one-minute rounds prompting participants to put their quarterbacking skills to the test by attempting to toss as many cans into moving targets as quickly as possible.

“Launching a Chunky metaverse experience is another step forward for the brand to intersect sports and culture,” said Marci Raible, Vice President, Integrated Marketing at Campbell’s Meals & Beverages. “As we leverage our 25-year NFL partnership, this activation allows Chunky to connect with the gaming audience and offer an innovative brand interaction.”

When using Fortnite Creative, users must enter the 12-digit island code 4261-7980-7840 to start the Chunky FuelUp Tournament. Once there, players can explore the appropriately named “Chunky Bowl” Stadium’s various areas, including a tailgate area and VIP section, by entering the Chunky FuelUp Plaza. The Chunky Fortnite Creative build was created with Beyond Creative, a Fortnite Creative developer studio, Spark Foundry, Campbell’s official media agency, and Fortnite Creative.

Players must be at least 18 years old to participate and compete for prizes, which may include autographed NFL merchandise, tickets to NFL games in 2023, a shoutout from Nickmercs, and the ultimate honor of being named the Chunky MVP. The qualifying rounds for the FuelUp Tournament start on January 12 and last until February 3. Participants share their top scores on during the qualifying rounds to be eligible for prizes and the grand prize. On February 8, a live competition featuring the top scorers who advanced to the finals will be broadcast on Nickmercs’ Twitch channel. On PCs, Playstations, Xboxes, Nintendo Switches, and Android devices running Fortnite Creative, players can participate in the Chunky FuelUp Tournament.

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