SpringboardVR’s founders launch new ArborXR, an enterprise-focused company

SpringboardVR’s founders launch new ArborXR, an enterprise-focused company

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Founder of SpringboardVR has announced the launch of the new ArborXR, an enterprise-focused company. ArborXR is arising from the sale of SpringboardVR, which is a provider of virtual reality venue management software and content marketplace for LBE (location-based entertainment) to Vertigo Games.

Bradley Scoggin, who launched SpringboardVR, is now one of three founding members of ArborXR. This new company is an enterprise-focused company to manage content, devices, and users in the enterprise virtual reality ecosystem.

Bradley Scoggin’s SpringboardVR was founded in 2017 which offers 400+ VR titles through its content marketplace, which serves 500+ companies globally.

“Vertigo was our first choice to take over SpringboardVR because of their unwavering commitment to location-based VR.” – Scoggin.

“They are uniquely positioned to build on our successes as they have worked directly with VR arcades for years, and they continue to be the single largest publisher on the platform. We are incredibly proud of what we built with SpringboardVR and are very thankful for our partner locations and the content studios that have distributed their games with us.” – Scoggin.

Many of SpringboardVR’s key customer-facing members will join Vertigo Games for ensuring seamless operations and service for arcade operators and game studios globally.

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