ImagineAR signs MOU with Pittsburgh Gateways Corp to combine AR into its Energy Innovation Center

ImagineAR signs MOU with Pittsburgh Gateways Corp to combine AR into its Energy Innovation Center

ImagineAR, an augmented reality Company that allows sports teams, businesses, retailers, and organizations to create their own augmented reality mobile campaigns immediately, has announced the signing of an MOU with the Pittsburgh Gateways Corp, a developer of tech-based research centers in the US.

Pittsburgh Gateways is a non-profit organization, and its mission is to provide strategic planning, development, and management assistance for communities, community-based economic development groups, private entities, and research and academic institutions attempting the acceleration of tech-based businesses.

Since its beginning, Gateways has built collaborative alliances with 30+ technology centers, mostly in Western Pennsylvania. The firm has also assisted in the formation of 60+ new or development-stage investments.

“As an economic development organization, we focus on integrating advanced immersive technology such as augmented reality into our center and introducing it to our tenants. ImagineAR is a leader in the mobile augmented reality in North America, and we are truly excited to partner with them and drive new AR engagements and revenue together. The applications of ImagineAR into our Energy Innovation Center (EIC) will be extensive.” – Pittsburgh Gateways Corpo CEO, Robert Meeder.

“From the first moment I set foot in the EIC I knew I wanted to be part of this team. I admire the leadership of Pittsburgh Gateways Corporation and its mission for the EIC. The EIC is a robust intersection of research, training, and community service, and my goal is to help with the application of my skills and experience in communications and the development of human performance tools. When I first spoke with Neal Bendesky, VP Sports & Events of ImagineAR Inc., I knew that the EIC would benefit from this collaboration. I am excited about the future as the EIC, and its partners come to life.” – Gus Frerotte, 15 years NFL Pro Bowl QB and EIC’s Developer of Media and Communications Operations

“We are honored to be selected as the Augmented Reality Platform Solution for the prestigious Gateways organization. Their reputation as a leader in the energy sector, as well as high-tech incubators, provides ImagineAR the opportunity to work with energy and entrepreneurial companies to create AR engagements and activations together. This partnership is expected to develop a new sector revenue channel for ImagineAR.” – Paul Silverrstieen, ImagineAR CEO.

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