Real-World Applications Of Augmented Reality
AR Real World Applications

Real-World Applications Of Augmented Reality

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Virtual and augmented reality technology is not exactly the latest, but it has not yet become something that is familiar to everyone and used on a daily basis, such as mobile phones that are constantly in our hands. Namely, the first relatively functional system of its kind was invented back in 1990. However, VR and AR technologies are still most commonly associated with gaming and entertainment, although they are present at some much higher and lesser-known levels.

Augmented reality takes the world we live in and turns it into a kind of canvas to which it adds its own elements. The best examples of augmented reality are the infamous Google Glass and Pokemon Go. They both project virtual elements and provide information about existing ones as you walk, explore and communicate with people in everyday life.

So, where is this technology used?

Some of the applications include not just everyday people and technology enthusiasts, but medical students, engineers and architects who will be able to learn and do their augmented reality sets faster and better. Here are just some of the examples of how AR is being applied in the real world.

The army

The military in America and the UK has been using this technology for a long time to practice abilities and different strategies on simulators and within specially created virtual situations.


Many doctors, but also students of medicine and dentistry, already have the opportunity to learn and practice operations in a secure virtual environment.


VR technology shows excellent results in the treatment or as an aid in post-traumatic stress, various phobias, depression and anxiety, but also in dealing with children with autism.


From children who can “practice” social contacts, through pupils and students who want to visit famous museums and galleries, to simulations and exercises to control devices or vehicles in driving schools or in pilot education – VR, AR and MR technologies are applied in all these areas.


With the help of these technologies, it is very easy to analyze the aesthetics of performance, but also to conduct an in-depth analysis of the technique. Also, in some games you can already watch a sports match live, so users can enjoy the impression as if they were in the stands.


When you have to show someone what something looks like, and that something doesn’t exist yet, this technology is the only solution. For example, an architect can thus show the idea of building a house in a 3D environment and present the solution more easily than drawing or just describing it.

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