WNBA App to Feature 5G-powered AR Game View from AT&T
5G-powered AR Game

WNBA App to Feature 5G-powered AR Game View from AT&T

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The users of the official WNBA app are in for a novel augmented reality experience by AT&T. The AT&T 5G Game View feature will present the women’s basketball fans with interactive, customizable stats for WNBA players in live and recorded games. The users can also share images and videos on social media, track their favorite teams’ activities during the postseason, play around with player stats in 3D during live games, and celebrate milestones through exciting AR animations.

The users can also enter the Bracket Challenge for WNBA postseason games through Game View. They can fill out their bracket using the past game data and predict how the tournament will unravel. The new features are built on the current AT&T StatsZone feature that debuted with the Chicago Bulls app earlier this year.

“Since the pandemic, fans have increasingly turned to their devices and technology to stay close to their favorite sports teams and still feel part of the action, whether they’re inside an arena or streaming from their couch,” said Jay Cary, Vice President of 5G product and innovation at AT&T. “That’s why we’re excited to team up with Nexus and the WNBA to show how the power of 5G can elevate how fans not only watch but engage with the best moments sports have to offer through new immersive experiences.”

Game View will initially debut on the iOS version of the WNBA app with an upcoming Android release. The features would be housed under the ‘More’ icon that users see on the startup.

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