Oculus Quest To Get Wireless Support For PC VR Gaming Via Air Link Soon
Oculus Quest Wireless Support

Oculus Quest To Get Wireless Support For PC VR Gaming Via Air Link Soon

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Back in April, Oculus announced wireless support for Oculus Link to the Quest 2, which would enable users to play PC VR games wirelessly.

Called the Air Link, the new feature arrived as a software update, giving gamers the same freedom of movement provided by the Quest 2 but with the added benefit of access to a more extensive library of games.

Nevertheless, it seems like the feature is going to make its debut on the original Quest soon.

Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg provided a glimpse of the same through a Facebook post wherein he showcased other updates lined up for the Quest via software version 30.

The update will possibly enhance the infinite office and further the versatility of the Quest platform for users looking to use it for work or multi-tasking.

The Facebook chief also stated that “Air Link for Quest 1 is coming too…” but there was no mention of the expected timeline for the update.

Regardless, this is exciting news for everyone in possession of the equipment. For Air Link on the Quest 2, Oculus recommended a “strong and secure Wi-Fi network” for the best experience and an ideal position within 20 feet of your router. Of course, it goes without saying that you would need a decent gaming machine to get the best results out of the headset, and still, the experience might not be as smooth as the wired mechanism.

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