Newmatic launches Ellie’s Travel Diary an immersive VR sightseeing tour and game through South Korea

Newmatic launches Ellie’s Travel Diary an immersive VR sightseeing tour and game through South Korea

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Newmatic, a video game studio, has launched Ellie’s Travel Diary, its sightseeing virtual reality game, onto Steam for its Early Access release, for users to buy in and try it out for $14.99. The developers mentioned that the game is around 80% complete, with its full launch planned for 2021.

Ellie’s Travel Diary is a virtual reality immersive and interactive game in South Korea (the Republic of Korea). According to the Game Press and developers, the game acts as both a sandbox free-travel exploration game and an innovative infotainment tourism title with immersive virtual reality features. Since the COVID-19 pandemic put a stop to most public tourism forms, virtual reality has moved in to help tourists visit public places that currently are not safe to travel to.

In Ellie’s Travel Diary, users will immerse themselves in the Ellie’s avatar, a boy traveling to South Korea for the first time with his father and mother, Harry and Jenny. Korea is depicted as a vibrantly-colored minute 3D panorama that users can experience in third- and first-person views. Right from within the plane landing at Incheon Airport, to sightseeing locations, to the Korean subway rides, the game engages both a player and a tourist.

During your virtual visit to South Korea, users can visit different famous Korean locations and landmarks like Gyeongbokgung Palace in Seoul, Jamsil Han River Park, Namsan Seoul Tower. They can also fly in a hot-air balloon to see the Joseon-era King Jeongjo Tomb. Most of these places include interactive games and activities you’ll be able to play, including a laser show, archery,  a fireworks show, cable car, and yacht ride, trying on traditional Korean clothes, playing basketball, among others.

The VR game is sponsored in partnership with GCA (Gyeonggi Content Agency) and KOCCA (Korea Creative Content Agency). Both support the development of most of the features that set the game apart from the regular virtual reality gaming and tourism product. 

“It was important for us to provide the fun factor along with precise information about the tour sites through the controller and game interaction. Our goal was to present the joy of visiting a country in a Gulliver’s Travels-like atmosphere via VR through cute and friendly graphics that could appeal to all ages.” – PARK Yong Jae, Art Director, Newmatic.

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