Westbase.io Signs a RealWear Distribution Agreement to Meet the Growing Demand for AR Solutions

Westbase.io Signs a RealWear Distribution Agreement to Meet the Growing Demand for AR Solutions

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The leading 4G/5G and IoT distributor and the global leader of hands-free head-mounted tablets for digital transformation, Westbase.io and RealWear, Inc. respectively, signed a new European distribution agreement to cope up with the growing demand for augmented reality (AR) and wearable computing solutions for business.

The latest addition to the Westbase.io portfolio will allow the company and its channel partners to expand their product offerings to the UK, Benelux, Nordics, and wider Europe. The partnership builds upon Westbase.io’s commitment to adopting the latest technologies for industry. The pandemic and imminent need for digital transportation have been the catalysts behind this agreement.

Sacha Kakad, Managing Director for Westbase.io, said, “We’ve been looking at AR tech and its applications in business for a while now; the potential it has for enabling first-line workers to be more productive while maintaining safety at all times is huge. But there’s no doubt that the events of 2020, and their repercussions which will carry through to 2021 and beyond, have considerably accelerated the adoption of this technology across many industries.”

RealWear’s platform helps first-line and field workers by allowing completely hands-free remote collaboration and communication that eliminates the need for additional personnel to be physically present. The number of RealWear deployments has rapidly increased across industries since it ensures seamless business operations and removes the complications of travel and social distancing.

“Offering benefits that extend beyond addressing social distancing, we are very excited to be adding RealWear to our portfolio. By employing this technology businesses can reduce travel costs significantly while increasing their first-time fix rate, as well as enabling one expert to support multiple workers; all of which play a role in increasing productivity, improving safety, and driving cost savings.”

“It’s a significant opportunity for Westbase.io and our channel partners to deliver remote solutions that address real-world problems and business advancements. While it allows us to answer direct market demands today, driven by the pandemic, we’re even more excited for the wider possibilities and look forward to working with RealWear and our partners to bring their leading range of solutions to businesses across Europe,” added Kakad.

RealWear’s own comprehensive partner program and Westbase.io’s extensive channel support are a remarkable combination of not just top-notch technology but also excellent support.

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