Tracxn Officially Recognizes IKIN as a Fast-growing Augmented Reality Startup

Tracxn Officially Recognizes IKIN as a Fast-growing Augmented Reality Startup

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IKIN, a renowned and global provider of visual technology solutions for organizations and consumers, announced its inclusion in Traxcn’s exclusive list reserved for Top-performing Augmented Reality providers. 

Tracxn is a syndicate of corporate and angel investors delivering marketplace data and analytics to organizations, private equity, and investment firms.  Tracxn’s data provides accurate performance analysis of leading providers across the globe. 

In its recent analysis, Tracxn deemed it fit to nominate IKIN for the “Minicorn” award category. This is based on the impeccable growth trajectory of the company. Tracxn’s publication highlights promising companies that could emerge into “ unicorns,” thriving in a highly competitive market.

Tracxn has been managing the awards program since 2013. The companies shortlisted as top-performing providers, including IKIN, are evaluated based on several parameters, which include market size, A-list investors,  effective execution, and potential future growth. 

In a recent press release, a Top Tracxn executive talked about the success of IKIN, saying; 

“We are delighted that the Tracxn awards committee has acknowledged the success IKIN has achieved to date, and recognizes the boundless potential of our company and its products,” said Joe Ward, IKIN’s chief executive officer. “Since our inception, we have focused on enhancing and deepening human interactions through new and emerging visual technologies, including, but not limited to, compelling and accessible holographic content and the use of revolutionary applied AI. This award will serve as inspiration as we continue to bring new capabilities and services to market.”

IKIN has developed revolutionary holographic solutions for both consumer and commercial applications. For instance, both IKIN RYZ mobile holographic display and the IKIN ARC large-format device do not restrict users. Its unique technology is effective in a scene in ambient light. As a result, it can deliver an exhilarating VR, AR, and XR experience to users without using headsets and goggles.

Additionally, IKIN provides a company that offers a complete and unmatched software development kit (SDK), which helps designers create top-tier reality solutions. The company’s Software Development Kit comprises different tools and templates, and drap-and-drop-libraries development tools and templates, support drag-and-drop libraries, heavily backed up by a skilled support team.

The team’s experience makes building content and apps for IKIN’s RYZ and ARC displays easy. Also, developers can incorporate elements to place their program on the front row of innovation. This is possible through AI-infused tracking and touchscreen capabilities. The Touchpad allows users to enjoy easy interaction without using goggles and headsets. 

IKIN’s technology officer also goes ahead to praise the impeccable skills of the IKIN technical team, saying;

“Our talented engineering, development, and product management teams deserve congratulations for this recognition,” said Taylor Scott, IKIN’s technology officer. “We are proud of how far we have come and what we have accomplished, but we are even more excited to see where this journey will take us, our partners, and our customers.”

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