Genions Introduces India’s First AR Based Integrated Learning Program

Genions Introduces India’s First AR Based Integrated Learning Program

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A novel interactive learning software based on the National Education Policy, Genions, was recently launched, aiming to enhance young learners’ spatial and abstract thinking skills.

Together, parents and kids can experience “Life-Like Learning” while exploring the universe’s secrets and life with Genions. Genions is an early learning program for children aged three, six, and above that uses Augmented Reality (AR) to deliver lessons innovatively.

The co-founder of Genions, Sajid Shamim, stated, “We believe in the motto – ‘Life-like Learning.’ By learning through Augmented Reality (AR), kids get closest to real-life experience.”

Since 2018, Genions’ AR-based learning projects have provided an exciting educational experience to over 5.5 million kids. The initiative seeks to fill the education sector’s void in light of such life-like learning experiences.

Genions is the brainchild of a talented team that previously founded an AR startup that was named “Top Rated AR VR Start-up In India” (2017) and “12th Best Global AR App (Aviator Generation)” (2018). Four co-Founders, Sajid Shamim, Jayanta Pal, Siddhartha Saha, and Vijay Gupta, worked diligently to build Genions and have collaborated with notable top MNC clients to deliver innovative augmented reality and entertainment applications.

Genions envisions that “what you learn you might forget, but what you experience you will remember.” Augmented reality has the potential to become the most realistic form of education. It can help progress from dreary, conventional learning methods. Understanding abstract concepts and spatial intelligence can significantly enhance a kid’s development.

Genions is available on Google Playstore and iOS Appstore. The concept blends the best of both worlds with a classic physical learning kit and an AR technology-based app. Experts in child development and pedagogy have created this practical and interactive learning program based on the Indian curriculum as prescribed by the New National Education Policy (NEP).

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