Archstone Entertainment, Altar, Inc. and Partner for a New AR-powered TV Series
New AR-powered TV Series

Archstone Entertainment, Altar, Inc. and Partner for a New AR-powered TV Series

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The leading film production, sales, distribution, and financing company, Archstone Entertainment, is collaborating with the multi-faceted platform for launching NFT and metaverse projects,, to create a new TV Series starring augmented reality avatars.

The Hollywood, CA-based company has inked a partnership with Altar, Inc., a California-based 3D/XR Studio, to co-create the television series. Called ‘Gay Aliens in Metaverse,’ the series stars augmented reality avatars created for the Gay Aliens Society NFT Project.

Michael Slifkin, Partner at Archstone Entertainment, said, “We are excited to be working with Altar, Inc, and and incorporating some of the latest and most amazing technological innovations to merge the digital and physical worlds to create this fun program.”

The TV series is a situation comedy that will feature on all traditional network and streaming channels and a digital version for the metaverse. The metaverse version will enable users to interact with the characters and become a part of the show themselves.

Illia Pashkov, CEO of Altar, Inc., said, “We are very excited to partner with Archstone Entertainment and and co-create the television series, ‘Gay Aliens in Metaverse’ using the most innovative technologies and digital experiences we created over the past few years. Our collaboration will build bridges between the entertainment, digital and physical worlds.”

Archstone Entertainment and announced their partnership to develop, produce, and distribute the ‘Gay Aliens in Metaverse’ TV series.

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