Adobe Partners with the Smithsonian to Bring an AR Ocean Exhibit to Life
AR Ocean Exhibit to Life

Adobe Partners with the Smithsonian to Bring an AR Ocean Exhibit to Life

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The American computer software company, Adobe, is partnering with the Smithsonian and Hydrous for an AR-powered exhibit that showcases the magnificent ocean life.

Hydrous Chief Scientist Dr. Erika Woolsey, science advisor Celine de Jong, and their team used Smithsonian’s 3D collection of original samples of scanned corals to create a science-based story. It was compiled as a program called “The Decade of Ocean Empathy” and received support from the UN Decade of Ocean Science for Sustainable Development.

The team has deployed the AR toolkit Adobe Aero to bring the exhibit to life using just a QR code.

“The project showcases a series of interactive, 3-dimensional animations to help viewers factually understand and visualize marine life with photorealistic renders and digital duplications of the real element. It’s not just about visualizing a 3D model in AR but about experiencing a narrative with deep interactivity, which is key to the learning process. This experience enables anyone with a supported mobile device to be immersed in a rare and special environment, learning about a crucial topic in the process,” explained Adobe’s Elizabeth Barelli.

Anyone can download the Aero app on their smartphone to access the exhibit. A few scenes have been made with Substance Painter, while others were created through the behavior system in Adobe Aero.

Several museums, such as the Smithsonian, are looking towards applications of AR tech to expand their audiences and make their exhibits available to people with much more ease.

“AR is the natural next step in democratizing education and sharing immersive experiences around the globe with the potential to create a positive impact,” Barelli added.

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