JAMA Network Open’s VR Surgery Study Showcases 50% Reduction in Critical Surgical Errors through PrecisionOS™ Training
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JAMA Network Open’s VR Surgery Study Showcases 50% Reduction in Critical Surgical Errors through PrecisionOS™ Training

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Superior scaling methods and fruitful skill transfer is the need of the hour for the entire surgeon training industry. From device manufacturers to educational institutions, everyone is searching for a more comprehensive approach to surgical education. VNM USA, in collaboration with PrecisionOS™, predicts that the future of the field is going to be characterized by immersive virtual reality (VR) training modules.

The eminent JAMA Network Open published a study that illustrates a nearly 50% depletion in surgical errors among the surgeons trained through PrecisionOS™. These trials establish the efficacy of using VR for surgical training.

These training methods don’t just reduce the learning curve by up to 50 cases and improve the time efficiency by nearly an hour but are also 34x less expensive than traditional learning methods.

Taha Jangda, General Partner at HealthX Ventures, said, “At a 2019 projected valuation of just $337 million, the Surgical Simulation market is vastly underappreciated. VR Surgery Training is scalable, cost-effective, and now shown to be highly effective in skill transfer. With COVID detouring surgical training, VR options from companies such as PrecisionOS will become the new training standard for decades to come.”

PrecisionOS™ is useful for both domains within the surgeon training industry. It will enable medical device manufacturers to design safe and superior quality VR education modules and the training institutions would be able to curate a more comprehensive VR-based surgical curriculum.

Dr. Danny Goel, Orthopedic Surgeon, and CEO of PrecisionOS said, “We have one priority at PrecisionOS: Create clinically-validated, educational software that makes it easier for surgeons to deliver better care. And to deliver this value with no patient risk and at major cost-savings. By pushing the limits of our high-fidelity simulations and testing our technology with peer-reviewed research, it’s clear that connecting people worldwide in the same virtual operating room is becoming harder to justify not using.”

PrecisionOS’s award-winning, wireless VR system comes with an interactive and personalized joint reconstruction, robotics, trauma, spine,  pediatrics, upper extremity, and arthroscopy. The company is the largest global distributor in the industry with its business spanning across over 300 cities in 25 countries.

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