Harry Potter New York introduces VR experiences for fans

Harry Potter New York introduces VR experiences for fans

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Harry Potter New York has released VR experiences for Harry Potter fans on July 15. Happy Potter’s supporters will get two choices to choose from. The adventures will offer guests a chance to experience Hogwarts dreams through interactive experiences, which are set inside the recently opened Harry Potter store in NY City.

The two VR experiences are: Wizards Take Flight and Chaos at Hogwarts. These immersive virtual experiences take users through some of the most iconic and legendary settings from the books.

Users have to use the virtual reality headset, hand and foot trackers, and backpack to walk inside the school of witches and wizards. They can roam through building halls if they select Chaos at Hogwarts.

In the Wizards Take Flight, users get a chance to fly a broomstick, and they will also get a chance to fight Death Eaters.

Fans can reserve tickets for $34 on the Harry Potter New York website. However, for the VR experience, visitors should be at least 48 inches tall and ten years or older. Visitors will have to arrive at least half an hour before the slot and should wear comfortable shoes.

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