Axis-Z Is Looking To Transform The World Of Trading Through Virtual Reality
Trading Through Virtual Reality

Axis-Z Is Looking To Transform The World Of Trading Through Virtual Reality

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Now traders can pick up Oculus VR headsets for a few hundred dollars and gain the liberty to trade from anywhere. They would be able to customize their VR workspaces and also might help them cut equipment costs in the long run.

Virtual Reality Play by Axis-Z is gearing up to transform the securities trading industry. The company is uniquely positioned to be the first mover in the VR trading space.

Rasim Muradov, the CEO at Axis-Z, said that he sought better, more efficient ways to view the markets at work and on the go for years. “I found myself adding more and more screens because of the need for information,” said Muradov. “I was on vacation with my laptop, and I wasn’t able to trade.”

After the trip above, Muradov set out to bring VR to trading and create portable, unlimited workspaces. As a result, he founded Axis-Z with CTO Dmitri Lapchinski, COO Gary Carter, and CGO Jakub Makowski.

“Professional day traders need to have a lot of screens,” added Lapchinski. “The average number is six, and such setups are obviously expensive and not portable.”

VR technology has already picked up immense momentum recently. Facebook’s most robust hardware business is its portfolio of Oculus VR headsets, which also supports the Axis-Z tech.

“Axis-Z is absolutely compatible without any problems,” said the CTO. “The resolution is good enough to display a lot of the information — charts and useful market data — traders need.”

Axis-Z is looking to enhance the way traders go about their workflow by capitalizing on recent VR trends. The company aims to provide three-dimensional ways to analyze and trade global marketplaces.

“In virtual reality, you’ve got three dimensions, whereas any other trading platform that has existed, to date, is two dimensional,” Carter said. “We’ve also got the dimension of depth — the third dimension — which we’re going to leverage with some neat tools and functionality traders just wouldn’t have seen before.”

Currently, the startup is looking to experiment with its offerings through a select group of traders. These traders would be able to pull up their charts and news feeds and connect to existing brokerage accounts in a portable and limitless workspace. It should enable them to trade in a distraction-free and destruction-free manner.

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