Web3Games Raises $4M to Build Next-Gen Blockchain Games

Web3Games Raises $4M to Build Next-Gen Blockchain Games

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The leading Web3 gaming startup, Web3Games, has secured $4M in funding to launch an integrated platform for blockchain gaming.

The company was established in June 2021 and has since worked with Alibaba to facilitate their so-far-only NFT issuance using one of the company’s brands. Building on the initiative’s success and with the fresh infusion of funds, the startup plans to launch its IDO on DaoMaker soon.

Web3Games’ founder, KK Chen, stated that his company’s vision is to ‘bring back the digital ownership of in-game items to players.’

Web3Games provides a next-gen gaming ecosystem within which players and developers can fully control their gameplay by utilizing the potential of NFTs and DeFi. The project offers a variety of solutions, including blockchain networks, development frameworks, and tools for managing and playing one’s games by both developers and players.

Establishing the infrastructure required for Web2 developers to transition to Web3 represents one of the main obstacles in building this ecosystem. Since many Web2 developers lack Web3 experience, the transition may appear challenging.

With their API-as-a-service Protocol, created especially to assist Web2 gaming companies in integrating into the blockchain, Web3Games helps developers overcome this obstacle. The Protocol offers high efficiency and low cost for games integrated on Web3, enabling developers to conveniently access and disburse on-chain assets like NFTs and game tokens.

The startup is working hard to draw players in addition to developers. By luring developers who have contributed to hits like Call of Duty, Diablo, and more, Web3Games has built its Studios into a hub to support emerging blockchain games and digital culture.

A Match-3 battle game called CryptoEmpire, a poker NFT game called W3POKER, a tower defense game called Guardians of Arcanum, and a web3 music game called DEBEATS are just a few of the games that Web3Games Studios plans to release in 2022. The user base has increased due to the range of genres and gameplay catering to different types of players.

Web3Games is committed to lowering entry barriers, making blockchain integration for developers simple, and luring gamers with top-notch goods.

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