Music Wearable Startup Mictic Raises $2.5 Million for Product Testing and Expansion
Mictic Raises $2.5 Million for Product Testing and Expansion

Music Wearable Startup Mictic Raises $2.5 Million for Product Testing and Expansion

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The creator of first of its kind technology fostering innovative musical user experiences in augmented reality, Mictic, has raised $2.5 million in fresh funding. PTK Capital and music megastar Moby has invested in the Switzerland-based startup that has created a pair of wearables that turns thin air into a concert hall.

The Mictic device incorporates a pair of wristbands with sensors that track your movements. The platform connects to a smartphone app that unleashes your music-making creativity with any prior expertise. The application will offer 15 sounds and soundscapes across varying genres upon its launch.

Apart from their curated soundscapes, the company’s founders wish to see their product turn into a new category of musical instruments.

“People can connect with Ableton, and they can use Mictic the same way they would use any MIDI controller. We hope that people will find new ways of using our product,” said the company’s CTO, Matthias Frey. “We are also planning to expand our platform business in the very near future. Once the product is out, one of the next steps for users is for them to be able to create their own soundscapes quite easily.”

The company plans to invest the funds towards expansion, grow its team from the current strength of ten, and test its product out in the market.

“We really had to bootstrap for a while, and then we built this fundraising round. Our next step is to put the product out as soon as possible. We’re proud of it, and we are looking forward to getting a sense of how people are planning to use the product,” said Mictic’s CEO, Mershad Javan.

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