Hope for Haiti and FXG Join Forces to Host a VR Fundraiser for Haiti Disaster Relief
Haiti Disaster Relief

Hope for Haiti and FXG Join Forces to Host a VR Fundraiser for Haiti Disaster Relief

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The southern region of Haiti was hit by a massive 7.2 magnitude earthquake in August which claimed several lives and left many injured, along with causing widespread damage to schools. To help rebuild Haiti, the organization Hope for Haiti and VR company FXG have collaborated to host a VR fundraiser called “Inspiring Hope: An Immersive Virtual Reality Experience in Haiti.” 

The virtual event will take place on October 6th to raise $50k for the relief initiatives. It will be hosted on hic et nunc and OpenSea and feature several NFT artworks created by well-known NFT artists such as Sutu, Mark Saab, Nygilia, RiniiFish, more.

The participants can interact with other attendees using customizable avatars and chat with the artists and members of Hope for Haiti and FXG directly. The proceeds will go to various initiatives, such as the Hope for Haiti’s School Reconstruction Fund, focusing on reconstructing damaged schools.

The organizers are also launching an application called Haiti VR, and the participants at the fundraiser will get a preview for the same. The app is designed to let users experience what Haiti was like before the earthquake hit.

Max Noir, Head of FXG Technology in North America, said, “Its purpose is to be an event space for Hope for Haiti, and to enable people to have an experience of Haiti where they can learn more about it and schools in Haiti, through a beautiful, social VR experience.”

“They plan to be able to bring their community of donors through it as well, and educate the public about Haiti by showing them more positive sides of the country that the media fails to reflect,” he added.

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