DefiSports to Bring an Evolution in the Sports Industry through Next Generation Tech
AR VR Sports and Athletic Games

DefiSports to Bring an Evolution in the Sports Industry through Next Generation Tech

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Hong Kong-based FinTech company DefiSports is introducing a comprehensive ecosystem of sports and athletic games powered by augmented and virtual reality to shrink the gap between the sports, athletes, and the fans. 

The company is upgrading its current infrastructure, which has earned a bad name due to gender pay parity, poor working conditions, and compensation gaps. It resolves these predicaments and offers several benefits, including better transparency, removal of intermediaries, and introduction of a community for athletes and fans. The fans can now interact with their favorite athletes, watch live matches, and attend product launches through a customized system. 

DefiSports CEO Kevin Bilal said, “As they say that difficulties are opportunities in disguise, we identified a fundamental flaw in the sports industry from the impact of this global pandemic when all stadiums were closed, and fans could not enjoy these sports in person. Along with ticket revenue, this also affected other businesses like merchandise and restaurants.”

“DefiSports has brought about the perfect opportunity and a complete solution for the sports industry by offering an entire ecosystem that is decentralized and incentivized, without the problems of current infrastructure,” he added.

The company aims to bridge the gap between esports and their fans to bring evolution into the entertainment world through technologies, such as augmented reality, virtual reality, and virtual reality. DefiSports has also garnered the support of a top FinTech influencer, Herbert Sim, who has over a million followers on social media.

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