Fabric, a new public AR messaging platform by Sarah Kass
AR messaging platform

Fabric, a new public AR messaging platform by Sarah Kass

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Fabric is a new, instantaneous public messaging platform in AR. Sarah Kass has founded Fabric. She is a Rhodes Scholar and Yale graduate.

According to Kass, she founded Fabric just before the COVID pandemic.

“To deploy the coolest technology to renew our oldest resource – our connection to one another – so that together we can build a world where everyone belongs.” – Sarah Kass.

In Fabric, users can explore and interact with others within a confined radius to connect, lend a hand, or share a moment.

Kass and Saul Garlick associated with an AR firm in Israel, to develop Fabric, human-centered AR. Fabric’s proprietary Social augmented reality is bound to the physical location of the user. The technology used in Fabric brings users closer to one another. 

“My thoughts can appear in your living room. Your thoughts can come to me as I walk down the street. Our AR thought bubbles (which can contain video and photos) can be common content for anyone in proximity. And since the AR content you see is tied to physical proximity, AR comments can seamlessly become in-person conversations.” – Kass.

Fabric’s first customers are within the peer-to-peer payment and dating spheres. 

“Our vision is to be the Social AR infrastructure for business, unlocking virtuous circles of transactions and interactions.” – Kass.

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