Reality Clash Partners with Nonvoice to Include the Game within Its Dedicated 5G App Portal
Reality Clash Dedicated 5G App Portal

Reality Clash Partners with Nonvoice to Include the Game within Its Dedicated 5G App Portal

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The maker of innovative augmented reality mobile combat game Reality Clash, Publisher Reality Gaming Group, is partnering with Nonvoice to include the game within the dedicated 5G app portal, Nonvoice Alive.

Reality Clash integrates limited-edition NFT weapons into its gameplay and recently received a significant update to its design and gaming experience. Nonvoice is a 5G app agency that builds revenues for the world’s best enterprise and consumer 5G and AR apps with Nonvoice Alive portal.

Thailand’s True 5G, which is targeting to amass 2 million subscribers by the end of 2021, became the latest network to offer Alive. It will introduce Reality Clash to an entirely new, untapped audience of gamers.

Reality Clash is set in an underground world of cryptocurrency and hackers where players compete in real-time FPS battles within unique virtual environments. It is the only game on the iOS App Store that allows players to trade in-game NFT items through the Reality Clash marketplace.

“The new release of Reality Clash represents the culmination of 18 months of focus testing around the world, during which time our community of players have stress-tested every element of the gameplay. I’d like to thank everyone who took part and gave up so much of their valuable time,” said Reality Gaming Group Co-Founder Tony Pearce.

“Our latest feature set is a direct result of that feedback, allowing players to jump straight into battles with friends in addition to matchmaking through public lobbies, allowing the action to start faster than ever before.”

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